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This project was a collaborative endeavor between various communities of weavers across Latin America, the Colombian Women’s World Corporation (CMMC) and the designer, Juan Pablo Socarrás.

The Ixchel Museum served as a liaison to help support and train 30 weavers from the community of Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Sacatepéquez.

The project aimed to strengthen knowledge and revitalize ancestral weaving practices mainly those involving the backstrap loom.

The ancestral knowledge and the effort of the weavers to keep the tradition alive were reinforced with sustainability training and business training. This in-depth training was vital to ensure that the participants understand the value of their time and efforts in order to establish prices that reflect a fair remuneration for their weaving, as well as acquire the ability to develop a profitable business model based on quality production. The women weavers were also trained to develop their creativity and use new materials based on recycled components. They were able to generate new products based on ancestral weaving techniques, thus maintaining this rich tradition.

The weavers visited the Ixchel Museum on June 20, 2022, and training on fair pricing, design, quality control and resource management was also a part of the workshops lead by experts.


Collect, document, rescue, exhibit and educate about Guatemalan indigenous textile heritage.


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